Freitag, 10. Juni 2016

The Beauty and the Beast

Please notice that the middle is placed on a turntable, so that the beauty and the beast starts to dance if you push the button.

Making of: The Beauty And The Beast - Windows

The Windows are made of Windmill/Mobile Film (something like that click). I sprayed some purity Seal (GW) to prime them and give the colour some grip. Then I painted the patterns on and coloured them with transparent colours. To get back the transparent look I painted on some gloss varnish.

I used some PVA glue (coloured with black) to get them into place.

Making of the Beauty and the Beast Roses:

The roses are made of different wires (glued togehter with superglue) and resin roses (usually used for selfmade jewelry) and it was a really time consuming part on this diorama, especially those leaves (I really hated them at the end)

 And then the same on the outside

Making of: The Beauty and the Beast: Chandeliers and Candle Holder

 The Chandeliers are made of Fish Hooks

Donnerstag, 9. Juni 2016

The Beauty and the beast Socket

The socket was made by my hobby-hero - thank you :)

Here you can see the turntable

Making of The Beauty And The Beast: The Castle

I really learned a lot while building this. Sometimes it was pure joy and sometimes I just hated it. There will be more Wip pictures tomorrow.

Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2016

Caracolilla 8"

My biggest bust so far. I really learned a lot about airbrushing and I´m really happy how she turns out now because I was really afraid to ruin this awesome sculpt.