Samstag, 29. Oktober 2016

Dwarf Wip

Still working on the warm / cold contrast and the colors between them.

Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2016

Dwarf Wip

First colors on the dwarf - very early wip -just a try to get a feeling for the light situation.

Dwarf Base

Here is a little step by step about painting the base

First step: GameAir Stonewall Grey - a very light grey but very nice basecolor for- surprise stonewalls

Second Step: First Shadows with GameAir Hexed Lichen and Black

 Third Step: Added some cold color: Gamecolor Turqoise

 Sprayed some bone white from above.

For Sale

Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2016


I painted some Lizardmen for the table. Just TTS but I wanted to show them. I guess I´ll never become an army painter.

Sonntag, 2. Oktober 2016

Sylvaneth vs Undead Wip

And here is a little update about the diorama I actually build. I started adding plants on the "good" side.

Samstag, 1. Oktober 2016

Dwarf Wip

This is an old Mirco Arts Studio Dwarf I bought nearly 10 years ago. Well time to pay him some attention. Very early Wip: