Samstag, 26. März 2016

It´s aliiiiiiive

As some of you may have noticed, this blog had no update since 2013 as some other painters and me had another blog together ( It was a nice time, but we parted and the Happy-Paintig Blog remains now with Barakwolf :)

First I tought I don´t want to have a new blog  alone (as my low posting rate was the reason to have the happy-painting- blog with others) and posting on Facebook and in Forums would be enough, but somehow I like my own little place in the Internet and so I decided to reactivate my old Blog :)

I know it has the same backgroundpicture like the other blog but hey I took the picture, so I can use it and I like it, because it somehow shows the chaos I cause, when I´m painting. 

Also I decided to change into english, alltough my english is far from good. But it reaches more people than german and I´ll keep my texts in the future short, I promise. It´s after all a painters blog not an writers blog ;)

And to have some pics in this reactivation-post, here is a little overview of my works: