Dienstag, 30. Mai 2017

Anatomical Study

I really learned a lot with this unusual Figures. Hope you like them:

Samstag, 13. Mai 2017

Pictures: Luftrettungszentrum Gießen

We had a nice Day at the "Luftrettungszentrum Gießen" - and with some Avengers ;)


Samstag, 6. Mai 2017

Wip: Anatomical Study

A friend of mine asked me to paint up those figures. They are about 20-25 cm tall. It was nice and challenging to work outside my usual comfort zone. Here are some Wip pictures:

Primer: Vallejo white Airbrush Primer

 First Shadows with Scale 75 African Shadow + Vallejo Ivory because that is the basic color for her other side (I repeated that step several times)
Highlights with Vallejo Pale Skin and her left side basic color Scale 75 African Shadow again.
 Filter with Vallejo Matt Varnish +Ivory thinned down and sprayed several thin layers.
 Masked the right side and added some highlights with Scale 75 African Shadow + Game Air Pale Skin (Vallejo) - looks a bit creepy now^^
 Then airbrushed a wash -two times -(GW Carroburg Crimson + Matt Varnish) and afterwards a filter (Scale 75 African Shadow + Matt Varnish)

 Then I painted the white parts (two layers of Vallejo Ivory with one drop of african shadow) on their right side with the brush and lots of anatomy paintings, trying to paint the right places, which was more difficult than I tought it would be.

They were still wip in this state.

Pictures: Runkel / Germany